I’m finding myself in a strange place of wanting to write (and often do in other media), but not really having the time and sometimes energy to do so since I’ve been busy living my life. I’m working again (WOOHOO!!), and my days off are often spent with Husband Darling making sure we are connecting on a regular basis or doing mundane but essential tasks that need to be addressed. The best part of it all is I’m feeling really good emotionally and physically, better than I have in far too long. To paraphrase Husband Darling from one of our recent heart-to-heart conversations, I’m closer to the Me I was when he and I first met–vivacious, fun, and bouncy.

I’ve started a few posts that get more into the whys and wherefores and will be posting as I get them completed. In the meantime I want to share this video that a long-time friend of mine posted on FB a short while ago. I think I found my new favorite musical group. Enjoy, my freaky darlings!


10 Happy Thoughts

A few years ago a friend introduced the idea of 10 Happy Thoughts every day to me. When he was younger struggling with type 1 diabetes and depression, his father suggested he look for positive things every day. “Something that made you smile,” as he challenged my friend to find ten of these moments throughout the day. I loved the idea of that challenge, and so for a few months I sought happy moments of my daily life to list. Some days finding ten, and even beyond, was easy. Some days I’m rather hard-pressed to find more than three. Lately I’ve found myself focusing far too much on the negative aspects of my life, so I decided to take this challenge back up and start focusing on the good things in my life.

Here’s today for 12 July 2013:

1. Waking up to kitty snuggles with my birthday girl. (Happy 10th, my princess Phoebe!)
2. Things that improve my health.
3. Finishing a blog post.
4. Being told I improve someone’s life daily via Twitter.
5. Making noms that others enjoy and request.
6. Dinner plans with my SweetBee and her dad.
7. Experiments in baking.
8. Helping two friends with a single connection.
9. Getting to chat with my baby sister.
10. Texts from my Boo.

Yes, it can be just that simple. Some of these I experience daily, but that doesn’t make them any less positive in my life. My challenge for myself is to post these daily. I’ve given Kidlet the challenge of writing three per day. So far she’s yet to take me up on it, but maybe she just thinks I’m being a doof. Or maybe she needs to see her best friend lead by example.

PS–What things made you smile today? If you want to join me in my challenge, feel free to leave your daily list in the comments or post them to your own blog.

UPDATE: I reissued this challenge to my Kidlet yesterday shortly after posting this, and she took it. She even came out with a list of 10 herself.  Guess she did need me to lead by example. Parenting win!