10 Happy Thoughts, 7-27-2013

1. Kitty snuggles.
2. Husband snuggles.
3. Elixir of Life.
4. New Anita Blake novel.
5. Attending the wedding of friends.
6. Watching Boo get her social butterfly on.
7. Husband Darling made a new friend.
8. Geeking out over a video game with a fellow gamer.
9. Boo having a sleepover with a friend.
10. Chocolate chip cookie dough.
11. Backyard camping.
12. Making plans for hanging out with friends.
13. Driving through Husband Darling’s old neighborhood.
14. Getting my chocolate fix.
15. Chubby bunny.

Yeah, I totally forgot about posting yesterday’s list until this morning. That’s what happens when I get to read a long-anticipated novel by one of my favorite authors. I made up for it a bit by posting a few extra tonight.


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