10 Happy Thoughts, 7-25-2013

1. Kitteh snuggles.
2. Walking and talking with my Boo.
3. A murder of crows.
4. Killer deal on chicken boobies.
5. Asian meatballs and spicy mayo.
6. Watching (and snarking) True Blood with friends.
7. Big E.
8. Fezzik.
9. CHOCOLATE CAKE!! (The cake is NOT a lie!)
10. Crawl into my lap hugs from a pretty girl.

This evening I went to my SweetBee’s house for nibbles, True Blood viewing, and chocolate cake. I had a really great time hanging out with other friends that I just don’t get to see very often. Plus receiving enthusiastic hugs from the pretty girl I’ve been crushing on…. *sigh* Yeah, Life has definitely taken an upswing lately. I think focusing on the positive has made a huge difference.

PS–What made you smile today? Love to see your happy thoughts!


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