10 Happy Thoughts, 7-24-2013

1. Husband snuggles before he had to get up for work.
2. Kitty snuggles.
3. Walking with Boo and Mom.
4. Meeting a “new” neighbor.
5. Catching up with Mom.
6. Making plans with a friend.
7. Elk burger! Om nom nom!!
8. Making Boo giggle ’til it hurts.
9. Cute toddler with his grandparents.
10. Beautiful summer evening.

Walking three miles in about an hour is great progress for me. I was able to keep a good pace with both Kidlet and Mom. I’m fast discovering that now that my body is doing so much better, it gets very unhappy with me if I have poor body mechanics. Even at the end of this evening as tired as I am, my posture was damn good. Slouching hurts. My back has been frequently reminding me for the past week or so of that. Tomorrow I’m making sure Boo and I get an earlier start in the cooler part of the morning for our walk. The heat wasn’t horrid today, but with one of my meds making me photosensitive I don’t want to risk sunburn.

PS–What brought a smile to your face today? Please share in a comment. 😀


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