10 Happy Thoughts, 7-22-2013

1. Kitty snuggles.
2. Visit with friends.
3. Making weekend plans.
4. Elixir of Life.
5. Being goofy with my Boo.
6. Awesome bargains at discount grocery.
7. More smoothie experimentation.
8. Having the brain hamster on a habitrail instead of a wheel.
9. Admiring a friend’s new kilt.
10. Having Husband Darling within touching distance.

The best part about the brain hamster getting off the frakking wheel and down the habitrail is finally thinking productively. I’m not churning the same thoughts repeatedly and getting nowhere. I’ve been able to figure out some the wrong turns I made in the past year or so, and how they led me to where I am now. My anxiety has also decreased a fair bit, allowing me to think more clearly. There are more changes ahead of me, but I’m not so trepidatious about them. It’s a good place to be. 😀

PS–What has brought a smile to your face today? As always please feel free to share yours in the comments.


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