Happy Thoughts, 7-16-2013

Today was a rough day. Had a harder time finding things I genuinely smiled about. As such I have a shorter list tonight.

1. Waking up kitty stapled.
2. Beautiful day of sunshine and humidity. Felt like Kona.
3. Chat with a good friend.
4. Good morning text from Husband Darling.
5. Elixir of Life.
6. AlleyCat and Lil Laynie
7. Black light charging my ceiling. (It’s painted in glow in the dark for the time and day I was born.)

So glad most days are not like this. Even more glad that when Husband Darling gets home, my day is instantly better. Thank you for being my anchor, my Love. With you by my side I can weather any storm.

8, 9, 10. Husband Darling is home. (He’s that awesome!)


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