Ever since the heat wave earlier, I have been feeling the pull of Kona again. I have been to Hawaii less than a handful of times, twice to Oahu and twice to the Big Island. Every time I acclimated in less than 24 hours. My body loves the heat and humidity, and I have less pain. I love the tropical blooms and plant life that has never triggered my allergies. I love the smell of the ocean more than back stateside even though it’s the same ocean. Oregon is my home state, but Kona is my home town. I am at peace there.

Whenever life got too overwhelming, I’d get in my car to drive. No destination, no packed bags. Just me and the highway or back roads to get lost on. Since my first trip to Honolulu when I was 17, I’d wish I could drive to the Islands. Unfortunately, no one has built a bridge between here and there, and so when the urge to get in my car and drive hits I stay in my home state.

These last few months with all the changes and all the feels, I’ve had the desire to just take off again. Only this time I dream of tropical breezes and the easygoing attitude of my hometown. Only one thought stops me from packing a bag and booking a flight: my Family, my Ohana. I am not willing to leave them behind. I am not willing to put them through the pain and distress my leaving would cause. Because if I ever go through with actually leaving, I know that I won’t be coming back. Not for a very long time. Maybe not ever. I have never been one to run away from my problems. Ignore them for awhile, sure, but not run away. So I stay in my home state with my Ohana because I refuse to leave them behind and dream of my home town when we can all go together.


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