10 Happy Thoughts, 7-28-2013

1. Kitty snuggles.
2. Sleeping in.
3. Husband-made breakfast.
4. Goofy teenagers.
5. Finishing my book.
6. Watching favorite episodes of Avatar with Husband Darling.
7. Watching Chibi Avatar.
8. Cuddles.
9. Chocolate chip cookie dough.
10. Snoring kitty.

The cutest part about the snoring kitty is listening to Husband Darling snore right along with his cat. So. Cute.


10 Happy Thoughts, 7-27-2013

1. Kitty snuggles.
2. Husband snuggles.
3. Elixir of Life.
4. New Anita Blake novel.
5. Attending the wedding of friends.
6. Watching Boo get her social butterfly on.
7. Husband Darling made a new friend.
8. Geeking out over a video game with a fellow gamer.
9. Boo having a sleepover with a friend.
10. Chocolate chip cookie dough.
11. Backyard camping.
12. Making plans for hanging out with friends.
13. Driving through Husband Darling’s old neighborhood.
14. Getting my chocolate fix.
15. Chubby bunny.

Yeah, I totally forgot about posting yesterday’s list until this morning. That’s what happens when I get to read a long-anticipated novel by one of my favorite authors. I made up for it a bit by posting a few extra tonight.

10 Happy Thoughts, 7-25-2013

1. Kitteh snuggles.
2. Walking and talking with my Boo.
3. A murder of crows.
4. Killer deal on chicken boobies.
5. Asian meatballs and spicy mayo.
6. Watching (and snarking) True Blood with friends.
7. Big E.
8. Fezzik.
9. CHOCOLATE CAKE!! (The cake is NOT a lie!)
10. Crawl into my lap hugs from a pretty girl.

This evening I went to my SweetBee’s house for nibbles, True Blood viewing, and chocolate cake. I had a really great time hanging out with other friends that I just don’t get to see very often. Plus receiving enthusiastic hugs from the pretty girl I’ve been crushing on…. *sigh* Yeah, Life has definitely taken an upswing lately. I think focusing on the positive has made a huge difference.

PS–What made you smile today? Love to see your happy thoughts!

10 Happy Thoughts, 7-24-2013

1. Husband snuggles before he had to get up for work.
2. Kitty snuggles.
3. Walking with Boo and Mom.
4. Meeting a “new” neighbor.
5. Catching up with Mom.
6. Making plans with a friend.
7. Elk burger! Om nom nom!!
8. Making Boo giggle ’til it hurts.
9. Cute toddler with his grandparents.
10. Beautiful summer evening.

Walking three miles in about an hour is great progress for me. I was able to keep a good pace with both Kidlet and Mom. I’m fast discovering that now that my body is doing so much better, it gets very unhappy with me if I have poor body mechanics. Even at the end of this evening as tired as I am, my posture was damn good. Slouching hurts. My back has been frequently reminding me for the past week or so of that. Tomorrow I’m making sure Boo and I get an earlier start in the cooler part of the morning for our walk. The heat wasn’t horrid today, but with one of my meds making me photosensitive I don’t want to risk sunburn.

PS–What brought a smile to your face today? Please share in a comment. 😀

10 Happy Thoughts, 7-23-2013

1. Kitty snuggles.
2. Morning sunshine streaming into my bedroom window.
3. Seeing my favorite pharmacy clerk.
4. Seeing my favorite mail clerk.
5. Pre-planning dinner.
6. Getting the brain hamster off the wheel.
7. Basking in the sun while chatting with Husband Darling.
8. Drugging the cat.
9. Being creative in the kitchen again.
10. Watching Korra with Husband Darling.

Not much to say this evening. Mostly been a mellow day. I’m looking forward to going for a morning walk with my Boo tomorrow.

10 Happy Thoughts, 7-22-2013

1. Kitty snuggles.
2. Visit with friends.
3. Making weekend plans.
4. Elixir of Life.
5. Being goofy with my Boo.
6. Awesome bargains at discount grocery.
7. More smoothie experimentation.
8. Having the brain hamster on a habitrail instead of a wheel.
9. Admiring a friend’s new kilt.
10. Having Husband Darling within touching distance.

The best part about the brain hamster getting off the frakking wheel and down the habitrail is finally thinking productively. I’m not churning the same thoughts repeatedly and getting nowhere. I’ve been able to figure out some the wrong turns I made in the past year or so, and how they led me to where I am now. My anxiety has also decreased a fair bit, allowing me to think more clearly. There are more changes ahead of me, but I’m not so trepidatious about them. It’s a good place to be. 😀

PS–What has brought a smile to your face today? As always please feel free to share yours in the comments.

10 Happy Thoughts, 7-21-2013

1. Kitty snuggles.
2. Roasted polish ring and Hermiston watermelon for breakfast.
3. Five gnomes left.
4. Knowing exactly where Boo is at in the airport because of her magenta hair.
5. Watching Phoebe lick the ice cream bowl.
6. My Boo is home!!
7. Memories from an old road trip.
8. Mom noms.
9. Beating on Husband Darling.
10. “That’s why you pay me the big bucks!”

So glad my Boo is home! She seems pretty happy to be home, too. She was wearing a long flowing skirt much like the style I typically wear. Good thing that skirt isn’t my size, or she’d be missing it next laundry day…. 😉