Meet the Crew

A couple of months ago Boyfling’s wife (aka That Human Woman, as my 9-yo cat calls her) commissioned art from an artist we all admire and enjoy. Lotte is the creator of Poly in Pictures webcomic. Both Lotte and THW did a great job keeping mum on the project, especially since many of our Heart Family follows Lotte on twitter. You can read That Human Woman’s post about it here.

When she presented us with our own printed copy, both Hubby and I were delighted and in awe. The idea of being immortalized in art has always been appealing to me, but I never expected this. Let me introduce you to my Heart Family and crew of the Poly Roger:

The Crew of the Poly Roger

The Crew of the Poly Roger

From left to right: Hubby (in full pirate garb), Mordena, Jirris who is holding the tether  to Tater Tot’s airship, Me, lil D, Kidlet, Dude, That Human Woman, and Boyfling. Lil D and Dude are Boyfling and THW’s kids.

I love our little Heart Family. Our four kids have six parents (good to keep the children outnumbered by adults), and we have a wonderful core support network. For me the only person missing is my Twinnie, but I guess I’ll have to commission my own piece to have them immortalized in art with me. 😀


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