In which my cup runneth over

This evening Hubby and I hosted a joint celebration of our birthdays and invited our Heart Family over for “horse do-vers” and dessert. About a dozen of our nearest and dearest, including both of my boyfriends and Hubby’s girlfriend, graced us with their delicious noms and wonderful company. We were able to introduce members of our circle to others who had previously never met, but heard many tales of each other. My first homemade cheesecake ever was a hit! My Kitchen Witch status has been preserved! A couple of friends showed whom we didn’t expect.

I got to watch my loved ones make new connections and deepen the ones we already have. I felt my inner circle increase in strength. Our bonds growing as we laughed together, shared stories and common interests, ate amazing food, and just simply enjoyed one another. I got to spend time with all three of my men in the same place. Best of all I got to kiss and touch each of them openly without censure or modifying behavior for anyone’s sensibilities. My heart was near bursting with love and contentment.

“Oh, come now!” you may scoff. “You must be exaggerating somehow.”

Every person in that room has problems. Some are having housing issues and looking to move soon. Others have experienced recent breakups. A couple have had some health issues lately.  There really is a certain amount of easement when burdens are shared amongst loved ones. We are a community, and we help one another through the low times so we can celebrate our victories together. Tonight was definitely one of those surreal moments where I can only conclude one thing…

I am the luckiest gorram woman in the ‘verse.


2 thoughts on “In which my cup runneth over

  1. Sounds like a lovely celebration. Community really is so incredibly important. I have stayed with boyfriends longer than I should have because of their large families and how much I needed that feeling of being embraced by a community. I find it in much healthier ways now 🙂

    • I’ve been very blessed to have such a wonderful community available to me. To find a Heart Family and intentional community has been a dream come true for me. The evening was magical and very surreal (hence the title of my blog). I hope to have many more like it. 😀

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